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The Story Behind The Jolly Sleep Consultant

suzanne jolly-032.jpg

Hi! I'm Suzanne & I have two lovely daughters aged 3 & 1.

When my oldest daughter Sophia was a baby she did not sleep for the first 6 months. When I say she did not sleep some nights she was awake every 30 minutes for me to put the dummy back in! She also experienced split nights, early wakings and a strong association with breastfeeding and sleep. It put a strain on my family to say the least - we were struggling. We did a lot of internet research about what we should or shouldn't be doing but we found that there was a lot of different advice out there which now makes sense as every baby is different. We finally decided to reach out to a sleep consultant who changed our lives within two weeks. Still to this day at 3 years old, Sophia is a great sleeper - she just needed a little help to get there! 

I am now a fully trained Sleep Consultant - I received my training through The Sleep Consultant Academy. 

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